Race Against Time

I’ve always thought of myself as a caring, fairly well informed person. So, I am somewhat ashamed to admit it, but I had no real concept of the scope of the AIDS epidemic in Africa. I did not know the horrifying number of people dying nor the effect that these deaths are having on the survivors. survivors who are mostly children.

I saw the last part of a CBC report on Stephen Lewis a few months ago. It shook me a bit. So I searched out the Stephen Lewis Foundation on the Internet and started some research. I began to feel more and more uneasy with myself and the institutions that I thought were working to make things better. I have become complacent. I finally picked up a copy of Race Against Time by Stephen Lewis. It is the written form of the Massey Lectures that Mr. Lewis presented in 2005.

Race Against Time is sad, infuriating, and shocking. It’s hard to tell which emotion trumps the rest while reading Mr. Lewis’ book. There are countless reviews of the book that I’m sure would be more informative and eloquent than any I could write, so please take some time to look into it further. Please visit the Stephen Lewis Foundation website, and please help if you can.

In the end I feel that I need to do something. So, my family is donating monthly to the Stephen Lewis Foundation and I intend to get more involved with my time. I’m hoping this post is only a start.

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