Being Canadian

Here is a copy of a comment I wrote for the Globe & Mail. I don’t think they’ll post is as it is longer than they like, so here it is.

Although this is not specifically about Harper’s speech, I find that I cannot in good conscience keep quiet.

I am appalled and sickened by the regionalism and selfishness that has been showing itself in these forums. We are all Canadian and Canada – although by no stretch perfect – we can be proud to be its citizens. True, we have our problems, but if people spent just half the energy that they spend on whining about the East, the West, Quebec, etc. (The Other) we might be able to solve some of the problems that our nation faces.

Whatever happened to compassion in Canada? I always believed that if nothing else we were a nation of caring and compassionate people. But it seems I was wrong. It appears that is has become all about “me, me, me”. Personally, I gladly surrender a good chunk of my wages to support our national support systems. It is important to me that the money I make in Manitoba may be able to aid my fellow Canadians; whether in my province or another. All fortunes rise and fall, no one region or province will forever be strong. Oil, water, fish stocks, lumber, hydro, they are all subject to supply and demand and needs change. But that has been the beauty of our great country — we try to come to the aid of those less fortunate than us, and one day if the shoe is on the other foot, they will come to our aid. I also give to selected private charities.

So, please remember that we are all Canadians, and think about what that means. To me it means many things, some of which are compassion, pride, thoughtfulness, and politeness.

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