TechTV Alumni Podcasts!

A couple of years ago I discovered a great show called the Screen Savers. I thought the hosts, Leo Laport and Patrick Norton, were great and the show was a blast. I even subscribed to a digital channel package just to get the show. Then G4 came in and screwed it all up. Ah well. Needless to say, I dropped the digital channel package from the lineup…

Well Lero, Patrick, Kevin, and Martin are back with their own podcasts! Yea!

Leo actually has several, but I my favorite is this WEEK in TECH. His co-hosts include people like Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, and John Dvorak. Please check it out. It’s available in both audio and vide3o formats.

Partick also has his own podcast, DigitalLifeTV. It’s a video podcast and is quite cool itself. Check this one out too.

Kevin Rose has started a cool enterprise called digg.

I wonder what Sarah is up to…

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