World’s Cleanest Gameboy

So, my youngest son was doing his laundry the other day. His mother kindly reminded him to check his pockets. A reasonable request to which he replied, “I did”

So, Sandy was a bit surprised when she was moving his wet clothes to the dryer for him to find a pant pocket with a heavy weight in it. In the pocket she found his very clean Gameboy, all wet and shiny… It had gone through a complete wash cycle.

He was a bit upset with the world and himself…

I took it away, praying to the dark electronic cabal that runs things that it would dry completely and rejoin the living. It sat quietly on a shelf for three days…

On day three it seemed dry. I popped in a game, crossed my fingers, and turned it on.

I was truly surprised when it worked!

At a boy Nintendo!

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